Collin's Projects

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Fantasy Football Scheduler

This program began as a simple Python application which generated a random fantasy football schedule given a number of teams, a number of divisions, and a number of playoff teams. The goal is to have that function available on a website for anyone to use. Future plans include using either React or Angular to display the schedule dynamically as it is created and modifying the creation algorithm and backend structure.

one possible schedule for 8 teams in 2 divisions where 4 teams make the playoffs ~GitHub Repo~

Task Magic

This to-do app started as an iOS app in Swift and has been rebooted in plain JS and now with React and Postgres. The app is like any other to-do app but includes some built in prioritization. Try the current version!

a sample task magic screenshot Live Demo! GitHub Repo - backend! GitHub Repo - frontend!

This Website

My portfolio started as a static site served by github and is now stored on an EC2 and served securely by NGINX along with a few other web-apps! Much of the styles and layout were established as a I began learning JS. Future plans include moving to a Gatsby framework.

a sample portfolio screenshot Live Demo! GitHub Repo!

My Space App

Space app was conceived as a calendar for celestial events. It will fetch information on the location of a space object and if it is visible based on the user's location, it will create an event for that user and space object, which will then be displayed on a calendar. Determining visibility of an object in the night sky is easier said than done, but continue to check the GitHub for progress or contribute!

a sample space-app screenshot GitHub Repo!


Scorecard is a simple React app designed to replace a paper and pencil scorecard for a golfer. The app was built to practice with React, Redux, and React-Router. Future plans include integrating it with the Tee Times app as well as developing a whole line of scorecard apps for different sports.

a sample scorecard screenshot Live Demo! GitHub Repo!

Tee Times

Tee Times was created as a capstone project by Evan Procter and Collin Argo for their DigitalCrafts cohort. The app is a tee time reservation app for country clubs and their members. It was built using a MERN stack and allows users to set and modify or remove tee times as well as make friends with other users and upload profile photos. Future plans are to expand the reservations to include other events like dinner or tennis courts and implement messaging between users.

a sample tee times screenshot Live Demo! GitHub Repo - backend! GitHub Repo - frontend!